Projects & Experience

You'll find my projects if you scroll down a little more, but first let me tell you a little bit about my experience in Software Development.


My focus at work in recent years has been mainly on the Front End, building new features, maintaining the codebase, and fixing bugs with:

  • Vue/Vuex
  • Javascript/Coffeescript
  • SCSS

I have done my share of tasks in the Back End as well, using:

  • NestJS
  • TypeORM
  • Typescript

Other important stuff I have done at work:

  • Participated in meetings to discuss project architecture and implementation details.
  • Discussed design requirements with the product team and the designers.
  • Built entire features with little to no supervision.
  • Mentored an intern while transitioning into a Full Time employee.

You can find my degrees, courses and certificates here: LinkedIn Profile


For my projects, I try to keep a balance between perfecting the technologies I use at work but also learning new technologies. Including frameworks, patterns and languages.

FlixList: An App to keep track your favorite movies

This was an app that I was required to build as a take home project while I was being recruited at the company I currently work for (The Redx). There are some things I would change, in hindsight. But I am very proud of this project, and I got hired!

Built with:

  • Node & Express
  • Angular & Typescript
  • Authentication: JWT and bcrypt
  • MongoDB & Mongoose
  • Responsive design | Mobile First

Repo: FlixList

Not hosted anymore, but here is a screen-recording I made at the time: Screen Recording

A comment from the Senior Team Lead who recruited me:

Let me say that I was really impressed with your code challenge! The code was clean and efficient, the design was creative and attractive (great name by the way!), it was well architected and there were elements that I really appreciated like the authentication handling and the responsive UI design. -Eric Mickelsen

Map Application

Built with:

  • Vue 3 & Composition API
  • Vuex
  • Typescript
  • OOP

Repo: Maps App

Hosted on Netlify: Maps on Netlify


Saveurs - Recipe and Shopping List App

Built with:

  • Javascript (Modules and Bundling, No Frameworks)
  • MVC Architecture
  • LocalStorage
  • Search Results & Pagination

Repo: Saveurs Repo

Hosted on Github Pages: Saveurs Hosted


Retail Server App

I built this app as a project for a course to practice the following Backend Architecture concepts:

  • MVC
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Test Driven Development
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • SOLID Principles
  • OOP Design Patterns
  • Refactoring & Code Smells
  • Clean Code & Clean Architecture

Repo: CC&CA Repo